Rain Rain, Never Go Away

I think it's safe to say it's been raining almost 24 hours straight here on the Central Coast... Which is a really good thing. I mean, we haven't seen much at all this year. We needed it, and as much as I'm anticipating seeing the green coastal hills, a part of me never wants it to stop. 

I love the rain. It makes me feel calm, cozy, warm, and kinda like Mother Nature is washing away any worry. 

When I was a little girl, I spent every day at my Grandparents house, and when the rain came, well I would run out the door to play. But, before I ever got past Grandma, I got the "You take an umbrella and put a jacket on before you go outside missy!" and after that came the always so charming eye roll, but what Grandma wants, Grandma gets.

So, I always packed an umbrella when I walked out that screen door. But little did Grandma know, despite her efforts... I'd just set it aside in the carport and run around with nothing to protect me from the downpour. I'd get completely soaked, and loved every minute of it. I lived for it. It made me happy. I felt alive when I let raindrops hit my face... For some reason, it was peaceful. 

With no-one outside, It was almost like the whole world had become empty, and all that remained was little me. It gave me room to run and space to think. I'd be out there just soaking wet, jumping on the trampoline and watching the water jump up with me, or I'd be walking through the property singing songs to myself... Just learning how to be a little girl, I suppose.

I didn't worry about getting sick, I didn't worry about ruining my clothes, I didn't worry about messing up my hair. I didn't care. I was doing something I genuinely loved, and I've come to figure out, it was a form of therapy. I could always see my true self when I walked in the rain. 

Today while it poured, I wondered... 

Why don't I play in the rain anymore? 

I guess maybe, as much as we hate it, we all tend to grow out of the little girl we once were sometimes. Now, I find peace in hearing the rainfall on the roof or watching it come down through the windows or my personal favorite, the smell of rain after a big storm. 

Today I'm sick and trying to get my rest for the remainder of the week but I can't help but tell myself, if things were different, if I didn't have a cold, I'd be out playing in puddles. I would've taken a trip to the ocean just to watch Mother Nature work her magic with the sea.
 I like to think I'd go out and find little me again.